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    sport odds and lines,pro kabaddi team players,dafabe,Operating Panels

    Designed as customer-specific, freely combinable machine control panels facilitate the operation.

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                      Various control panels are available, which can be combined freely with the casumo cleopatra controllers. The control panels are delivered either with an integrated PC or are intended for operation with an external PC. The control panels can be supplemented by machine control panels, which contain important operating elements for controlling the machine. For FS192 / FS192i, the machine control panel can be kept very simple, because the actual machine control panel is integrated into the screen as a "virtual" control panel.

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                      Using the nPad, the machines can be operated using a small and lightweight hand-held terminal.  The nPad is also available in a wireless version.

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                          The FS152i, FS154i and FS194i control panels, which are equipped with an integrated PC, are available in a large range of different performance classes.

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                                • Should the control unit and the PC be separated, corresponding industrial PC variants can be found in the casumo casino product portfolio. The so-called BoxPC is available in different power levels.

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