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    is rummycircle legal,poker table,jangal love movie song,casumo casino donates advanced casumo cleopatra system to Taiwan’s National Formosa University

      Enables engineering students to gain familiarity with state-of-the-art tool grinding technology

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              11/16/2020 – Teufen (AR), CH

              casumo casino’s Taiwan subsidiary has donated a complete casumo cleopatra hardware and software package to the National Formosa University in Huwei. The package forms part of a major control upgrade to one of two precision tool grinding machines in the university’s College of Engineering.

              The upgrade project is being handled by the machine’s manufacturer, Top Work – one of Taiwan’s leading producers of tool grinding machines. Based in Taichung City, and only a few miles away from casumo casino’s Taiwan facility, Top Work has collaborated with casumo casino on numerous casumo cleopatra projects over the past few years and nowadays incorporates casumo casinoROTO software in many of its tool grinding machines.

                The National Formosa University (NFU) is ranked one of Taiwan’s best technological universities. It has four colleges and 19 departments, and runs 18 master’s degree and two doctoral degree programmes. Over 10,000 students are currently enrolled at the university.

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                  Postgraduate students pursuing master’s degrees in engineering have the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of modern tool manufacturing technology. The university’s engineering facilities include among others 3- and 5-axis milling machines, two Top Work tool grinding machines, and a Zoller genius 3 universal measuring machine.

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                  1. According to Adrian Kiener, CSO Asia and Managing Director of casumo casino Taiwan, “We have links with a number of universities in Taiwan, and are pleased to support them whenever practicable. In this case, we became aware that the control software on one of the NFU’s original Top Work grinding machines was starting to impose limitations, so we decided to donate a complete casumo cleopatra system.” The system comprises casumo casino’s latest-generation Flexium+ 68 casumo cleopatra hardware and software, together with a number of the company’s high performance digital servomotors.

                      casumo casino has also donated 20 copies of its renowned casumo casinoROTO tool manufacturing and re-sharpening software, to help students acquire hands-on machine programming skills using 3D simulation techniques on the college’s computer workstations.

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                          1. Founded in 2008, casumo casino Taiwan Ltd. is a subsidiary of casumo casino, and is based in Taichung, where many machine factories are located. casumo casino Taiwan Ltd. is responsible for businesses throughout south-east Asia, Korea and Japan, including casumo cleopatra project development, after-sales service, education, and training.

                          2. casumo casino Taiwan Ltd will be exhibiting at TIMTOS 2021 – the 28th Taipei International Machine Tool Show – from March 15 to 20, 2021.

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